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Did you think the Hellions had run off after being routed once? Oh,… 
4th-Nov-2008 02:41 am
Did you think the Hellions had run off after being routed once? Oh, heavens no. Here they are aga--

Something's not right here. The only two people who own those types of mechs that aren't Hellions are Caleb and Amelia, and neither of them is present. There appears to be infighting going on between the Hellions, as shots ring out. One goes down, its leg sheared off by a gauss slug, and it looks up at its aggressor.

Who proceeds to shoot the downed 'mech directly in the head. Anyone who is familiar with them or knows their style knows that this is generally not their style, and given the chance they will capture downed foes rather than kill them.

Another stops moving after its head gets torn through by a bolt of blue, searing energy.

"Nexus denizens, you seem to have caused a crisis of faith in some of our soldiers. They have been summarily executed and those who are more loyal put in their place. Any more attempts to engage us in non-conventional combat will result in the same."

"Now defend yourselves."

The mechs that remain begin to open up on pretty much anything or anyone nearby. It can be assumed that this area is an AVF free zone. They're not even trying to discern between combatants and noncombatants anymore, unless someone is flagrantly a noncombatant.

EDIT: things have happened
4th-Nov-2008 09:03 am (UTC)
"GEH." That sound, followed by swearing, is about the first initial reaction one gets from Isura.

About the only beneficial thing in her favor is that she's in the full power suit.

Of course, this is against mechs far larger than Quadraxus.

What she'd give for Quadraxus. Or Kraid. She'd settle for Kraid. He's big, lumbering, and fairly distracting.

But, alas, the fortunes of the stars do not smile on her and drop either one of those behemoths from the sky to distract the Hellions.

Instead, she activates a dormant system in her power suit and starts hauling ass away from the battlefield. Any scanners would indicate her energy levels rising, her speed going up higher than any human can normally go.

She really, really hates doing this.
4th-Nov-2008 09:26 am (UTC)
"Run, freebirth." They're laughing as they fire on her, not really bothering to pursue her at this point. They could - after all, they control this battlefield, not the Good Guys™ - but they really don't see any particular reason to.
4th-Nov-2008 09:18 am (UTC)
It won't be immediate, even though he's been keeping a close eye. Miles has to handle his medical treatments first.

But at some point the Barrayaran tank is there, getting between the fire and nearby civilians who are quickly told to get-into-the-damn-AVF-you-idiots.

Plasma cannons against 'mere' Elementals, some upgraded laser cannons against the Mechs. The tank will target the latter initially, but be happy to direct aim at the former if they come near it.

A text message: I see no reason why everyone cannot live with honor if this attempted conquest is simply halted.
4th-Nov-2008 09:34 am (UTC)
Unfortunately for Miles and the Barrayarans, this fight is on the Hellions' terms. The last time, the shots were hitting home, connecting rapidly with the Elementals and 'Mechs.

This time, there is nothing to jam the PINpoint devices, and all Hellion forces have been extremely well trained in their use. Shots fly past as the Elementals and 'Mechs alike blink around, never moving in quite a straight line, but never just appearing right next to their target, either.

And rest assured that the Elementals are firing on that tank with missiles, and any 'mechs armed with solid weapons are doing the same.
4th-Nov-2008 09:22 am (UTC)
The LOLtendo -- or Tendo, perhaps, considering it's not much of a LOL these days -- STILL doesn't like you, Clan Ice Hellion.

Of course, it can't LOL soldiers on a broad basis anymore. What it CAN do is fight fire with fire now -- sort of. If these guys wanna fight with mechs, so be it.

Mind, Tendo has never used its abilities to fight before, but there's a first time for everything. And for its form today, it chooses the M-308 Storm Gunner, a mech from a little known game called Metal Storm. It's not exactly impressive, since as with all of Tendo's forms, it's a small super-deformed version of it.

But it doesn't need to be impressive. It just needs to be FUNCTIONAL.


Nice thing about BEING the game is that you have access to everything in it. Like the power-ups -- though, like in the game, it's limited to which one it can use at a time. It'd better make it count. It fires at the aggressive mechs, shooting as best it can. The shield in front of it will deflect bullets, though is unfortunately limited to bullets and not, say, lasers. It also hurts anything it touches.

4th-Nov-2008 06:03 pm (UTC)
Well, this is interesting. It's being opened up on with a few autocannon shells and lasers, because really, at least mecha are things that the Hellions know how to deal with initially.

And they do not like the fact that this thing's shots actually seem to be hurting. The hell does that thing pa--

WHAT THE FUCK THE AUTOCANNON SHOTS ARE COMING BACK. They have noticed this, and they are bouncing around via PIN, avoiding them. Because, well, fuck that. They will continue to open up with pulse lasers, though.
4th-Nov-2008 09:46 am (UTC)
"You sons of bitches," Caleb hisses across the comm. He's already been alerted that there are Hellions in the vicinity, and his 'Mech's been recently repaired and in rather good shape. "You are no longer honorable. You are just as dezgra as what you claim us to be."

The Blood Asp opens up with an autocannon and a barrage of lasers, hoping that he can at least drop something before he needs to retreat. He knows that this is an area that has PINs available, so at least he should be able to hit and run.
4th-Nov-2008 03:54 pm (UTC)
Oh, hello there. "The betrayer," one of the Hellions hisses, and until the other, heavier guns show up, all guns are momentarily trained on Caleb.

A volley of lasers, of gauss slugs, of missiles, of everything they can fire at him, just to get one good shot at him. The others may be dezgra freebirths, but he is a trueborn who has sided with the Nexus, and that, to them, is even more inexcusable.
4th-Nov-2008 01:00 pm (UTC)
There are times when people must stand up. Even the drunkards. And so Jane's standing and screaming.

Except, y'know. This is Crow Jane. When we say we scream, we mean all of the skin on her face pulls back a little, her feet spread out, and the noise that comes out of her mouth resembles a squealing elephant caught in a jet engine. This is a woman who shreds steel like the layers of an onion when she raises her voice.

This is someone who stood up to the Authority and won.

A few giant robots aren't gonna really make her think twice about this, especially not with a pint of liquid courage in her.
4th-Nov-2008 03:57 pm (UTC)
Well, fuck.

A good three or four mechs start to activate their PIN mechanisms, trying to get away, but there's no chance - PINs buried in the machine's legs and arms are already getting torn away, making it impossible. The other units are scattering like leaves in the wind, PINing WELL away from her.

"Class A preternatural spotted. Fire from an extremely safe distance. Retreat may be necessary."
(Deleted comment)
4th-Nov-2008 04:09 pm (UTC)
The boy is also being opened up on with scattershot autocannons. He'd better strike with one of those bolts before they hit first!
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
4th-Nov-2008 02:27 pm (UTC)
You see.

If you asked her, Bella would explain that the first tank, cobbled together though it was, was the prototype. The experimental machine given a field test run.

But now?

She's had time to prepare. With the assistance and parts supplied by the Barrayaran Government (mainly to, and we quote, "see what happens"), we have Bella Fennix in her new tank.


Battle Clank is probably more appropriate a term. It's roughly the same size as the previous machine, but aside from being armed with forward, redirect-able lightning cannons (which are on mechanical arms for even better aiming), that's about where the similarity ends other than the general shape of the thing.

It stands of six legs, having two large forward arms that the new lightning cannons in their vacuum tube glowing glory are connected to. It vents steam heavily from the rear, and moves with a speed and grace that belays its size.

Autonomous clanks give her trouble.

One that she can drive? Not so much. Its all controlled by an internal cockpit in the center of the thing, with periscopes built into the front of it to give her some semblance of sight.

Bella, of course, is grinning like a Good Spark Should.

"HELLO BOYS!" Her voice echoes over the comm. "I'D LIKE YOU TO MEET VERSION TWO!"

She cuts the comm, hauls back a lever with a groan of mechanics, and both lightning cannons aim forward. A crack, flash, and a streak of the white-blue electricity into the nearest bunch of mechs with a booming crash of thunder.

Boom, baby.
4th-Nov-2008 04:05 pm (UTC)
"Version 2 appears to be just as pathetic as before. And you forget that you are fighting on our terms now." The Hellions are amused at her little knock-off version of their glorious machinery.

And they will make her pay dearly for it. She has given them a very clear target this time, and don't worry - they've been trying some stuff on their own this time.

"We have better implements of warfare." A flight of missiles from a mech further back - a Clanner could better identify it as some bastarized version of a Naga - lets loose a flight of missiles towards the thing. About eighty missiles, to be exact.

They pop out of existence about 30 meters after they leave the launchers... and reappear about 10 meters away from the Clank. This may in fact be kind of an issue, given how fast they are traveling. One might describe them as PINpoint LRMs.

Getting up PINjammers may be a very, very good idea.
4th-Nov-2008 02:44 pm (UTC)
Oh, oh, oh, he is angry. And terrified. But mostly, he is breathless with rage that they would do such a thing, that they would shoot innocent people, that they would toss aside their much-touted honor because things didn't go as they planned -

Metody goes to ground a decent distance away from them, dropping down whatever is handy and sturdy looking. Nothing to see here, just a scared noncombatant cowering. Or passed out - his heart drops down to resting, his head lolls down, his eyes close.

And the part of him that is him, that goes sweeping out. It is easier now that he knows what to do, flickering along, pausing just an instant here or there to rest in someone's bones and causing a brief quiver that could easily be dismissed as the vibrations of the battle. He goes for the most heavily armored, that bone-rattling sensation spreading out from the armored man as he vents his rage in an attempt to fit the whole spine inside a skull.
4th-Nov-2008 04:08 pm (UTC)
If they knew he was responsible for what was going on, he would either be very dead, very captured, or very fled from.

But they don't, and when the first Elemental's bones snap in on themselves, collapsing like a Jenga tower that's desperately trying to form itself into a ball, chatter cuts across.

"Class 1 preternatural."
"I do not know!"
"Find location as soon as possible!"


They aren't retreating yet, but in the Elementals, it's clear they are extremely worried, and their morale is likely to break.
4th-Nov-2008 04:36 pm (UTC)
Bhaal decides, after observing for a time, that this is the best point at which to enter the fray, with all that he's got.
And what he's got are fire-breathing dragons (how's that for a better mount, huh?), teleporting spiders, and the partially-restored might of a god.
Also, freakishly spikey platemail.

From the back of the largest red dragon he's shouting orders to the rest of the massive beasts. They swoop in, columns of flame directed at the nearest mechs exploding out from their mouths. As for the spiders, all he has to do was imply that there's food in the metal things and they swarm the closest Elemental.
4th-Nov-2008 06:51 pm (UTC)
Dragons? That may not be an entirely ideal choice, but they will at least require firepower to bring down. Scattershot autocannons are the order of the day, as are pulse lasers, though the 'mechs that remain are panicked and worried as hell.

The spiders probably won't be too worrying, unless they're teleporting inside the suit. Are they capable of doing that? Do they have any other way of getting IN?
4th-Nov-2008 05:28 pm (UTC)
Lilith Carthwright is not a happy bunny. Having to dodge gunfire while conjuring a shield is not her idea of a good time. Having to see people, innocents, get hurt because of this stupid shit isn't helping her mood either.

She doesn't give any warning, there's just a sudden chill and the nearest Hellion mech is surrounded by ice. The sound of a finger snap and it shatters. The pilot inside may of survived but there's no telling until someone shifts through those large fragments of ice and technology. The same thing happens to the next one. And the next.

4th-Nov-2008 06:27 pm (UTC)
This is when the small man in the colourful robes (D'you remember him?) returns to the field. He is angry. He is focussed. And he is wearing a heavy jewelled coronet on his head. You know things are going pancake shaped when he goes and pulls out the Bling of Rassilon.

He simply appears, right there on a high enough place that he can be seen. Before, there was nothing there. Then the wind shifted, something blew by, someone blinked, and there he is.

When he responds, he uses no focus, no object or word or movement. There is no indication that he has done anything except the bright green glow to his eyes an instant before the explosion.

Yes, a good old-fashioned explosion. He can alter time with his mind, but sometimes it feels more right just to, as they say, blow shit up.
4th-Nov-2008 06:53 pm (UTC)
Elementals go *flying*. That's not something they normally do without the aid of jump jets. Then they go PINing out, fleeing like hell. They just assume it's the equivalent of an artillery strike (which, to be honest, it basically is), and they are already freaked out enough from Crow Jane and Metody.
4th-Nov-2008 06:49 pm (UTC)
Before, Ed was staying out of things because he didn't want to draw unwanted attention to himself and possibly end up getting caught and packed off to one of the camps or something away from his brother. Now? He's concentrating on flinging up stone walls between fleeing civvies and the mechs to give said civilians time to get out of reach. Perhaps later he'll figure out a way to be more active.
4th-Nov-2008 06:55 pm (UTC) - /!\ IMPORTANT /!\
As of this post, the Hellions are fleeing. Rapidly. As in, most of them are PINing out or otherwise retreating. There are few, if any, stragglers, and what stragglers there are are probably going to be quickly killed in the aftermath.

Of course, the Nexus has taken some losses, too. Post-battle stuff goes below.
4th-Nov-2008 06:59 pm (UTC)
"If there was a crisis of faith in your soldiers, maybe that's a signal that you need to think more about what YOU'RE doing."

Shard's been there before. She's not been a soldier, but the X.S.E. wasn't that far off in some ways. But she never, ever felt that she couldn't voice concerns over a mission to her superiors.

Shard powers up, hands forward as she lets off two blasts of pure concussive force energy. She aims for the joints of the mechs, which are likely to be the weakest parts. Then she starts moving. Because that's the advantage of being on the ground and mobile compared to these things.
4th-Nov-2008 07:08 pm (UTC)
These things are really tailor-made for the Cyborg Superman to devour.

Which is precisely why he remains in his chair through the entire fight. Unless one strays near to him, in which case he's going to have to scare the pilot shitless with a little bit of...what's it called?

Technopathy? Oh shit. Apparently every 137,983rd elemental off the assembly line is programmed to randomly break into Michael Jackson's Moonwalker at the least opportune time.
4th-Nov-2008 07:27 pm (UTC) - Aftermath:
While they did not come exceptionally quickly, the Hellions had managed eventually to be very disruptive to the tank.
Not all of the tank crew survived, and the ridiculous capabilities of Barrayaran medicine become moot after a certain point of neurological damage (a point just slightly past Miles's when he was killed, once).

So for the first time in this ridiculous situation, there's casualties among Barrayaran subjects. That is, as it has been before, Miles's damnation.

Right now, his own people attended to who can be, he's surveying the various wreckage -- he might pick up some scrap of Hellion equipment to include in the Death-Offering, but first he's interested in checking on other casualties. Both the ones he can do something about and the ones he can't.
4th-Nov-2008 07:55 pm (UTC) - Re: Aftermath:
He'll find Rassilon doing the same, much calmer now, walking through the wreckage with a grim look on his face.

Every once in a while, the Time Lord will wind an injured Nexus-dweller, and send the poor soul to the Clinics in a flash of green light or, on a few occasion, he will stop and murmur a few comforting words before closing the other's eyes forever.

There are tears in his own eyes when he looks up and sees Miles.
4th-Nov-2008 07:36 pm (UTC)
Metody spins in the emptiness of the places with no bones, rage subsiding to something like a wind. Unable to stay without shelter for long, he is drawn back to his body - then hesitates and flows, slower and gentler now, searching for the living but broken. He can do nothing for flesh. That's his own private hell, that the most precious and delicate parts are beyond his reach. But he can mend bones. And he does, as gently as he can.

In his hiding place, his empty body moves slowly, head lolling. The mouth opens and closes in some idiot noise, gargling and babbling the sound.
4th-Nov-2008 07:56 pm (UTC)
Rassilon may, at some point, follow the trail of this power to its source.

If he does, he'll do his best to make sure Metody's own body isn't disturbed until such a time that he returns to it.
4th-Nov-2008 08:01 pm (UTC)
The Time Lord adds his own "Hallos" to the search for survivors, now, looking for minds in the vehicles and machines, as well. He doesn't even bother calling up to Temporal Control to have them perform a sweep of the area. He'll do this himself. He's always fallen back on doing these things himself.
4th-Nov-2008 09:12 pm (UTC)
Bhaal settles the dragon he's been riding onto the ground and slides off, to check here and there through the bodies. He's a creature of destruction, not healing, and would be useless as far as aide, but he'll point out survivors to the healers where he can. He always thought war was a useless waste.

His mount on the other hand, heedless of its own injuries, curls up next to one of its dead compatriots and lets out a sorrowful roar.
4th-Nov-2008 09:20 pm (UTC)
"They're bugging out?" Tucker pops out from behind the cover of a ruined hot-dog wagon (He's been here the whole time, really! He certainly didn't just show up when victory seemed imminent) to cautiously venture out into the open, readying his beam weapon for any of the mechs that might still have the strength to rise from their burning piles to look at him in an intimidating manner. "Yeah! How d'ya like that! Suck it, uh... weird giant robot assholes!"

Sheila on the other hand could easily be mistaken for one of the many smouldering wrecks littering the battlefield, which would not be too far from the truth. Smoke billowing from numerous holes in her chassis, she is only able to move around slightly on the one set of treads that hasn't been reduced to slag, her turret partially dislodged from its mounting, rotates on an angle to cover her reduced field of fire.

"Aaacquirinnnng nuuuu targetzzzzch..."
4th-Nov-2008 09:27 pm (UTC) - AFTERMATH
The small, slightly scorched grey box sits in the center of the battlefield, not moving, not giving any indication of life. It is a tough thing, being able to withstand the rigors of the battlefield with nary a scratch.

But it is, for all extents and purposes, just a Nintendo console. And nothing more.
5th-Nov-2008 07:19 am (UTC) - Re: AFTERMATH
There is a man walking through the battlefield, caring for the wounded where he can. A bandage here, a kind word there, and Captain America does all he can, to make up for arriving late.

He pauses at the box and looks down. It doesn't belong here, he can tell that. But it doesn't seem to be alive. Still, he won't take any chances. He carefully picks up the Nintendo and holds it in the crook of one arm, looking around for someplace safe to put it.

Everything, even things that he only has an odd feeling about, deserves some kind of help.
4th-Nov-2008 11:11 pm (UTC) - Aftermath
Grifter is on the sidelines, having taken cover behind a slagged mech, and is firing off rockets from his Stinger launcher at any stragglers.
5th-Nov-2008 03:00 am (UTC) - Re: Aftermath
And eventually, Miles will cross his path -- but not the Stinger's.

"Everything all right with you, Cole?"
5th-Nov-2008 12:19 am (UTC) - Aftermath
Lil's making sure that the injured get the proper care that they need, ferrying them off to the nearest healer or the clinics while picking off any leftover Hellions. Wiping away a trickle of blood from her face, she sighs. Today was not a good day.
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